Are you or do you know anyone that is living in the U.S. without documentation? Are you a DACA recipient? Do you have TPS status? Virtually every type of immigrant is under threat by the Trump Government. This book helps the reader understand the complexity of the immigration process and provides an easier way to understand how to become documented (obtain a green card). Learn how to: > Become documented in the United States > Avoid ICE while undocumented > Learn if you are wanted by ICE > Know your rights in America > Build a winning story for you Asylum application > Represent yourself in court or at an interview > Avoid being ripped off by bad lawyers > Protect your children and assets if detained > Be prepared for anything Here we show you the process and how to find a lawyer you can trust to take you through the complex maze of immigration. And, if not is not a good time, how to avoid ICE and live here until the insanity of the Trump government is in the past. For everyone else, this is a reference guide that gives you the knowledge of how to help people in need. Spanish version coming soon

Survival Guide for the Undocumented Immigrant in Trump's America Paperback